Air quality web portal

Welcome to the National Air Quality Portal of Macedonia. This portal gives information of the current air quality in the country as well as background information about air pollutants, health effects and legislation.

According to Air Quality Assessment Report, Macedonia is split in two zones, East and West zone and Skopje agglomeration region.

Concentration measurements of six pollutants from 17 monitoring sites are collected hourly. The current air quality is classified and visualized with simple color codes and in addition this information is presented with more detail as measurement time series. These pages also provide real-time information for the public on the exceedances of the air quality limit values.

Note: Concentrations of PM10 in the map and graphs are hourly concentrations in real time. These concentrations cannot be compared with the average daily limit value of 50 μg/m3.

The information is based on unvalidated hourly data of worst pollutant.

Very high High Medium  Low Very low No Data

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